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After 12th

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Can I Start in 11th 12th standard ? 

Many parents and students are very enthusiastic about starting early.  Well No harm in doing so !!

But the priorities of preparation should be clear. Doing things ahead of time sometimes harm. Putting too much stress on student at such age and with exam 4-5 years away sometime leads to fatigue. Well here are few priorities and take them very seriously.

  1. Read and understand the syllbus and pattern properly to have clear and distinct idea about it. Forexqample few important areas include
    1. Geography: both Indian and World Geography are important areas.
    2. History: knowledge of key events and social movements is required.
    3. Polity: the structure of the Indian Constitution, judicial processes, and international relations are all included.
    4. Economics: micro and macro aspects of the Indian economy should be understood.
    5. Environmental Science: Climate, agricultural issues, and pollution should be studied in depth.
    6. Arts and Culture: historical and contemporary study of Indian music, dance, literature, architecture, and painting are all covered during the exam.
  2. NCERTS are basic foundations and the whole preparation starts with your school NCERT’s.  who have cleared this exam acknowledged that NCERT is the best source to build your fundamental knowledge for this examination.But donot read advance level books recommended in prepapration.
  3. Stay informed about current events from the local to the international level. Focus on the economic and political sections without worrying about the entertainment news as much. But donot read advance level editorials etc.
  4. Make friends in your school those who are also aspiring to become an IAS Officer after the graduation. You can even team up as a community and share some valuable thoughts with each other.
  5. Develop notes making skill. Yours notes of NCERTs should be crisp and concise
  6. Improve your language , and communication skills
  7. Read some general books which motivate you or pursue some hobby which intersts you.
  • Now just jump without thinking so much... Best Wishes.

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