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Tips and Tricks For IAS Interview

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Tips and Tricks Fon interview of IAS exam


Candidates are expected to have taken an intelligent interest not only in their special subjects of academic study but also in the events which are happening around them both within and outside their own state or country as well as in modern currents of thought and in new discoveries which should rouse the curiosity of well-educated youth.


The objective of the interview Of IAS Exam is to assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career in public service by a Board of competent and unbiased observers. The test is intended to judge the mental caliber of a candidate.

3.Kind of Questions

The candidate will be interviewed by a Board who will have before them a record of his/her career. He/she will be asked questions on matters of general interest.


The technique of the interview Of IAS Exam is not that of a strict cross-examination but of a natural, though directed and purposive conversation which is intended to reveal the mental qualities of the candidate.

5.Exact Intent

The interview test Of IAS Exam is not intended to be a test either of the specialized or general knowledge of the candidates which has been already tested through their written papers.

6.Know your-self

The most crucial problem with us is that we don’t know ourselves fully. A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the hearts. We know so many things, but we don’t know ourselves. Try to know the different aspects of your personality, even hidden or unknown. If any of your personality traits does not suit an IAS officer, try to overcome that weakness.

7. Positive attitude

Don’t let negative thoughts to ruin your chances. Don’t worry about things, which are beyond your control.

8. Self-confidence

If you are sure about your beliefs, answers or solutions, express them confidently. But don't boast yourself excessively.

9. Truthful

Never ever lies to impress UPSC interview board. They will catch you in no time.

10. Communication skills

Listening to debates and news on television channels is one practical way to improve communication skills to crack this stage Of IAS Exam.

11. Hit Bull eye

Master the art of giving to-the-point answers. Very often, long answers can be condensed into crisp, but interesting statements.

12. Read your bio-data multiple times

Many questions are biodata based . Copies of the Detailed Application Form (DAF) will be shared with each of the board members. So it is important to revise your bio-data many times and prepare well for questions from areas like hobbies, education, work experience, service-preference etc.

13. Common sense

Many questions which can be answered just by using common sense.So don't stress yourself.

14. Dress up properly

Be comfortable with what you wear. For gents, a light colored shirt and dark trousers should give a professional appearance. A simple churidar or saree is recommended for ladies. Whatever you wear, in that dress you should look confident and neat.


Verify the documents before-hand to avoid last minute panic. Ensure that you have all necessary documents ready.

16. Take mock IAS interviews

Rehearsals help to avoid common mistakes. Good mentors and friends can find your strengths and weakness and suggest necessary suggestions.

17. Be yourself

Don’t represent fake evidence. Don’t replicate ready-made answers.

18. Continue reading newspapers

Mains exam is over, but current affairs is important for interview as well.

19. Hobbies

Your annswers on hobbies are crucial in deciding your personality. Very often questions are asked from your hobbies.

20. Optional subject

Interview panel may ask questions from your optional subject of mains examination on the interview day. Brush up recent happenings related to your optional subject.

21. Graduation

Revise your graduation subjects, as you have spend time in it, UPSC wants to know about it.

22. Balanced answers

You can take a stand. Once you take a stand on controversial topics, be prepared with your justification for the same.

23. Your home district and state

Questions may be asked about the district and state. Collect details about your birth place. Know the problems in your village or city. Be prepared with solutions as well.

24. Be calm and stable

Questions from diverse topics are asked. So if you don't know ,admit it. Don’t panic. Keep calm. Your emotional intelligence matters for this stage Of IAS Exam.

25. Never compromise your moral integrity

UPSC not only measures one’s intellectual qualities but also social traits. Ensure that your moral integrity is sound.

26. Positive body language

Its just your gestures that decides your personality and day, So spread positivity.


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