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Preparing for Interview

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IAS Interview Preparation


The IAS Interview preparation is the final hurdle in the way of becoming a part of the Government services. UPSC Civil Service Examination holds the title of Mother of all Exams" in India. To become an IAS officer, one has overcome mainly three obstacles (Prelims, Mains and Interview) during the course of UPSC Civil Service exam preparation. The last hurdle before the candidate which is unpredictable in nature is the IAS interview, a.k.a. UPSC Personality Test.

So, in UPSC terms, it is not a regular job interview - it is a test of one's personality, integrity and honesty.

UPSC IAS preparation is an integrated process wherein the three phases of the exam - Prelims, Mains and IAS Interview, should be prepared comprehensively and holistically.

As stated earlier, IAS Interview preparation is a test of personality, not knowledge. This is because of the fact that UPSC analyses and judges the candidate's knowledge in the Mains written examination.

During the IAS interview, the interviewer assesses the candidate s personality by listening carefully to the candidate s approach to the question, and probe him or her further based on that. A vibrant & positive candidate is what they look for.

An individual's personality cannot be changed within a short duration of time just for the IAS interviews sake. As personality development is a process, which students have been developed over years. The best way to prepare for IAS interview after your mains results are to approach all situations with a positive attitude. Candidates, please note that this is how to prepare for IAS interview.

Most of the interview questions revolve around your Detailed Application Form (DAF) that the candidate submits during his or her mains written exam. Thus, be cautious and honest while filling the DAF. Please don t bluff or write irrelevant matter (Especially in the hobby section) that you won t be able to recall during the interview.

When you stand before the interview board, try to present yourself in a positive way. Try an honest approach to every question, if you're not honest or conveying irrelevant information, your body language which is being observed closely by the interviewers will surely help them figure out if you re answering truthfully or not.

How to prepare for IAS interview? Before the D-day, take as many mock interviews as possible and get feedback from the mentors and experts. Try to incorporate the feedback in your IAS interview preparation and you will do well!

Finally, and most importantly, self-evaluation is the best evaluation. Sit before a mirror, ask questions and answer to yourself. This is the best way to prepare and present yourself before the IAS interview panel.

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