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During Graduation

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Starting preparation during graduation is best decision because of so many reasons like career, job, age and other factors. Candidate's mind is uncluttered unlike people who have done their graduation and are undergoing some coaching. It’s a fresh canvas and flaws in the students can be easily identified and plugged. Lets discuss a strategy stepwise, which a cadidate can use :-

Firstly Build a strong foundation

  • Counsel the parents to bring the best in their child.
  • Improve their language and observation.
  • Develop in them a balance of perception.
  • Communication & Body Language Improvement.
  • Language Improvement.
  • Understanding their surroundings.
  • Start Reading Newspapers.
  • Practice basic math and aptitude
  • Complete revision of School books and the practice of their questions and answers.

Secondly build a knowledge base.

  • Mastery of World Geography, Science and Technology, Geography, Indian and International Economy, International Relations, Indian Polity, Governance, History, Heritage, Culture and Society
  • Weekly exchange of news and community education.
  • Learning through various means-Films, Books, Interactions, Parents, Teachers, TV.
  • Basics of Internet and Social Media to utilize online wealth.
  • Background of events and World problems.
  • Socialization studies, principles and applications.
  • Learning to know the means and mechanism of teaching and learning.
  • Continue practicing basic maths and aptitude

Relate Things.

Having gone through the two stages, all the students will be prepared to take to study certain degree of correlation ship between the topics. Elevate the level by adding extra information and analysis. Develop an analytical ability as well and keep expressing it.

Focus Prelims.

In this stage, the candidate must go deep into prelims preparation that should comprise of practice and practice and practice and perfecting Newspaper studies.

Focus Mains.

In this stage, go for preparation of Mains and focus has to be on appearing in tests and developing analytical abilities. It has to be Revision, analysis and Tests. This is what should become the norm till the mains Examination.


During this process, you have build a strong foundation and give performace. Becuase at the end, result matters. So few important things:

  • Analysis of previous question papers
  • Understanding of Syllabus
  • Read a good newspaper daily preferably The Hindu or Indian Express
  • Read all basic NCERTs before reading reference books
  • Reading of basic study material/reference books
  • Read YOJANA and KURUKSHETRA magazine monthly
  • Start writing-This will be the deciding factor in the Mains
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