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UPSC Civil Services Examination (General Studies)

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Science Affairs

General Science ands Science & Technology

9028 Resources

Physical, Human and Economic geography of India and world

10634 Resources
Social Issues

Society - Features , Problems , Issues , and developments

4250 Resources
Indian Polity

Constitution of Indian and working of Indian political system

9978 Resources
Economic Affairs

Indian Economy: Sectors , Trends , Issues , Problems

12527 Resources
Governance Issues

Concept , Processes , Challenges in Governance system in India

2385 Resources
Environment and Ecology

Concepts , Diversity, challenges , Issues and Responses

5858 Resources
Modern Indian History

1857 onwards , Freedom Struggle , Post Independence

3519 Resources
World History

World History since 18th century

382 Resources
Culture of India

Historial and contemporary aspects of Indian culture

2537 Resources
India and the world

India and its relation with various countries of the world

2050 Resources
Security Issues

Concept , Agencies, Issues, Problems and Responses

2629 Resources
Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

Dimensions of ethics and values in Public and Private sphere

551 Resources
International Affairs

World Events and their significance and analysis

2572 Resources
Ancient And Medival History

Time lines , Dynasties , Religion ad Philosophy

2383 Resources

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Civil Services Exam Preparation ( IAS, IPS, IRS etc)

Civil Services Examination conducted by Union Public services commission is considered the most prestigious exam in India. It is conducted every year for the recruitment to top elite civil services including  IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etc. The exam is conducted in three stages, Preliminary, Mains and Interview. The selected candidates have to undergo mandatory two-year training in the respective academies. The preliminary for 2021 is to be conducted in Oct 2021. The 2022 prelim is expected to be conducted in June 2022.

Abhipedia IAS is created by Abhimanu IAS, a powerhouse of visionary knowledge for the civil services examination for the last 22 years. This is a compact platform that intelligently categorizes the static as well as dynamic updates according to the needs of any exam including the UPSC Examination.In this portal, you will have access to 360-degree study material for different exams, along with test series, Video lectures . All resources can be accessed through four options 

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When it comes to test series,  we have always devised new ways to test student's potential and provide them adequate analysis, so that students can focus on weak areas, as well as identify their strong areas, which will help in attempting question paper in a better way. The analytical part o the test will be based on Level of questions, Sources of questions, Attempt orientation as chosen by the student, Type of Choice, Question Expectation, Subject wise, Topic-wise, comparison with toppers, time taken to attempt each question.. and many more. 

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