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RBI grade B Strategy of Preparation

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Strategy of Preparation


Phase I

One has to good at Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and English. Practise for mastering the skills is the key. Check out the detailed Phase –I syllabus at this article . After preparation each type regular practice is the key.  One has to take a lot of mock tests before the actual examination. Before the Exam about 25 full-length mock tests are essential. Although a lot of websites are available but Abhipedia RBI provide immense flexibility through MICRO courses and Test series . Do not forget to see the explanation and listen to YouTube videos for faster calculations and easier techniques.

After a every mock test, at least 60 minutes should be spent in the analysis of performance in the mock test. Identify you Weak topics and cover through focused study material and with the hrelp of a mentor .

However, some small/basic tips may be found below:


  • conceptual clarity is a must, Should be comfortable with  formulas, multiplication tables.
  • Learn how to form equations based on the data given in the questions and then proceed with the calculation.
  • Speed up mental arithmetic.
  • Learn fraction to decimal conversions and vice-versa, Learn perfect squares up to 50 and cubes up to 20.
  • Learn as many tricks as you can for faster mental arithmetic, because this phase is all about speed.
  • Practice questions from mock tests. Initially donot think of time and increase your speed in a stepped manner.
  • Practise Topic wise tests for the types in which you are weak. Identifying weakness is the key . The next logical step is to remove it through Practise and mentor Help. Better get hold of a source which provides both full length tests and tests for individual topics. Check out micro tests here
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