How to Prepare Sociology for UPSC ?

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How to Prepare Sociology for UPSC ?

The First step in  your strategy lies in a thorough understanding of Sociology optional syllabus for civil services Mains exam by UPSC. The scope and Importance of each topic and subtopic must be understood. Refereing to standard texts , practising answers , using real life examples and clarity of concpts are kep to high score in sociology.

Answer Wrtiing
Scoring Techniques
Relative Importance of Chapters

Stratification in Society87951166856
Sociological Thinkers 3658684368
System of Kinship6345682567
Politics and Society6456634356
Work and economic Life4455434432
Social Change 4434513233
Social Movements 2331343434
Rural and Agrarian Society55432214--2
Religion and society3332251242
Research Methods and Analysis 442321222--
Challenges of social Transformation2341--12333
Sociology as Science 2222122233
Population Dynamics 2122112223
Tribal Communities 1112221221
Sociology -The Discipline 223111221--
Impact of Colonial rule 13121--2--22
Perspective in Indian Society12--112112--

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