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Sociology -The Discipline

Sociology - The Discipline ( Paper -1 , Chapter 1)

48 Resources
Sociology as Science

Sociology as Science ( Paper -1, Chapter -2)

49 Resources
Research Methods and Analysis

Research Methods and Analysis ( Paper -1 , Chapter-3)

50 Resources
Stratification in Society

Stratification and mobility (Paper-1) And Social classes , Caste system (Paper -2)

140 Resources
Sociological Thinkers

Sociological Thinkers - Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Parsons , Merton, Mead ( Paper-1 Chapter 4)

298 Resources
Perspective in Indian Society

Perspective for Studying Indian Society - Ghurye, Srinivas, Desai

21 Resources
Rural and Agrarian Society

A course in Rural and Agrarian Society( Paper -2 , Chapter-3), Rural and Agrarian Social transformation Paper -2

65 Resources
System of Kinship

System of Kinship - for both Paper-1 And Paper -2

115 Resources
Tribal Communities

Tribal Communities , Paper -2

27 Resources
Politics and Society

Politics and Society - for both Paper-1 And Paper -2

122 Resources
Religion and society

A course in Religion and Society - for both Paper-1 And Paper -2

59 Resources
Social Change

Social Change in Modern India (Paper-1), Vision of Social Change in India (Paper -2)

76 Resources
Work and economic Life

Work and economic Life for Paper -1 Chapter 5, Industrialization and Urbanisation (Paper-2)

66 Resources
Social Movements

A course in Social Movements in India , (Paper -1 and paper -2 )

61 Resources
Impact of Colonial rule

Impact of Colonial rule ( Paper-2, Chapter 2)

19 Resources
Population Dynamics

Poulation Dynamics ( Paper -2)

32 Resources
Challenges of social Transformation

Challenges of social Transformation ( Paper -2 Chapter 15)

53 Resources
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Civil Services Exam Prepration - Sociology optional 

Every candidate has to select One Optional  for Mains Stage of examination . It carries 500 marks making it very important. Sociology is highly sought after optional due to small syllabus and goood scoring potential. Abhipedia is honoured to have on its board Sh Parveen Bansal for overall prepration for this optional. With 22+ years expereince and a phenomenoal track record in terms of success rate, surely this optional is going to create an impact on your success.  In this portal, you will have access to 360-degree study material for different exams, along with test series, Video lectures . All resources can be accessed through four options  Full subscription of the portal, Video courses only, Test series only, Micro Courses with the freedom to customize what you wish to learn


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