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Complete Sociology Course - 2019-20 Course Code: Sociology - 2019-20 (CC)

Land tenure system and Land reforms -1

3 Hours 16 Min. By-Parveen bansal 84 views
Rural and Agrarian Society Social Classes in India
Lecture Detail:

Strategy to approach sociology questions: 00:00:00 to 00:55:10

Paper-II Social Structure:"Rural and Agrarian Social Structure":- Agrarian Social Structure- Land Tenure System, System introduced during British Period, Consequences of Land Tenure System(Economic, Social and Migration), Land Reforms, Objectives of Land Reforms

Land Tenure System (P-2/12) 00:59:11 to 01:32:21
System introduced during British Period 01:32:22 to 02:03:19
Consequences of Land Tenure System(Economic, Social and Migration) 02:03:20 to 02:33:16
Land Reforms (P-2/13) 02:33:17 to 03:01:44
Objectives of Land Reforms 03:01:45 to 03:16:48

Cut from 00:55:11 to 00:59:10

Note:- Also cover in video Title "Rural and Agrarian Social Structure-II"

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