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Complete Sociology Course - 2019-20 Course Code: Sociology - 2019-20 (CC)

Sociological Thinkers Emile Durkheim- II

3 Hours 39 Min. By-Parveen Bansal 261 views
Sociological Thinkers Sociological Thinkers : Emile Durkheim
Lecture Detail:

Paper-I Chapter-4 Social Thinkers: Emile Durkheim:-Division of Labour , Theory of suicide , Application of theory on farmers suidcie and student suicides in Kota, theory of religion

Theory of Division of labour as a Social fact*** 00:04:00 to 00:42:15
Theory of Suicide 00:42:16 to 01:30:39
Types of suicide (Forces of Integration and Regulation) 01:30:40 to 02:02:16
Start from 02:12:41 to 02:58:59
Theory of Religion 02:59:00 to 03:33:41

Cut from 02:02:17 to 02:12:40

Cut from 03:33:42 to 03:38:51

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