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Complete Sociology Course - 2019-20 Course Code: Sociology - 2019-20 (CC)

Sociological Thinkers - MAx Weber -II

3 Hours 13 Min. By-Parveen Bansal 277 views
Sociological Thinkers Sociological Thinkers : Max Weber
Lecture Detail:

Paper-I: Chapter-4 "Social Thinkers": Max Weber:-Protestant Ethic and spirit of capitalism continued(comparing Ideal Types; Weber causal pluralism, validation of theory of correlation) , contributions , criticisms of Weber

Protestant Ethic and the spirit of capitalism(comparing Ideal pluralism)*** 00:00:00 to 00:27:50
Weber causal Pluralism 00:27:51 to 00:57:00
Validation of theory of Correlation 0057:01 to 01:13:35
Future of capitalism 01:13:36 to 01:46:15
Critical analysis(Contribution of Weber, general criticism) 01:46:16 to 02:14:37
Specific criticism of Social action 02:14:38 to 02:22:35
Ideal type 02:22:36 to 02:41:35
Criticism of Protestant Ethic and spirit of capitalism 02:41:36 to 03:13:00


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