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Complete Sociology Course - 2019-20 Course Code: Sociology - 2019-20 (CC)

Chapter - V - Social stratification and mobility-II

3 Hours 36 Min. By-Parveen bansal 303 views
Stratification in Society Stratification and Mobility
Lecture Detail:

Paper-I Chapter 5 "Stratification and Mobility":- Functional theory of Stratification ; Social mobility- open and closed systems, types of mobility, sources and causes of mobility.

Functional theory of startification and Tumin's theory of criticism*** 00:08:14 to 01:14:54
Critics of functional theory of startification 01:14:55 to 01:43:30
Marxist and Weber theory of startification 01:43:31 to 01:48:59
Types of Social mobility 02:04:06 to 02:52:00
Sources and Avenue of Social mobility 02:52:01 to 03:16:34
Presence of mobility in traditional society 03:16:35 to 03:49:00

Cut from :- 01:49:00 to 02:04:05

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