Pros and Cons of a Career in Law

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Pros and Cons of a Career in Law

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Pros and Cons of a Career in Law

No doubt that Law as a profession is very lucrative and appealing, but it too has certain advantages and disadvantages. Here are some points to keep in mind to decide whether Law is a suitable career option for you or not.



  • Helping People- This profession provides an opportunity for those who want to fight for the people and help them in seeking justice for any wrongful act done to them.
  • Intellectual Challenge- Not only for an advocate but for a legal counsellor also, Law is a mentally stimulating profession. Lawyers need to carry out extensive research for each case to find all the possible information as a small detail can change the direction of a case.
  • Wide Range of Career Options- As already mentioned above, you get a wide range of career options to choose from. You can get into consultancy services, start your own Law firm, become an advocate, become a law professor etc.



  • High Stress- This profession can be quite stressful when you have pending cases and short deadlines.
  • Dealing with a lot of Information- Each case requires thorough research and due-diligence, which also amounts to a lot of information that you need to deal with on a daily basis, in addition to long working hours on average.
  • Rising Competition- As the number of law schools is increasing, the number of Law graduates is also on a rise. This has led to an increase in competition and you need to prove your worth to be called the best.
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