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Job Profile Of a Patwari

A Patwari is a person is assigned a specific job to records all the details in a land in a given area i.e. called Tehsil. The Patwari is some times called with another name in some parts of India. Patwari is the lower grade officers in the Revenue Department. Patwari generally works in the rural areas of India. They are also are known as Village Accountants.
A patwari has following chief duties to perform :
1.    Maintaining records of the crops grown at every harvest.
2.    Keeping records of rights up to date by the punctual record of mutations.
3.    The account of preparation of statistical returns embodying the information derived from the harvest inspections, register of mutation and record of rights.
4.    The patwari must make any survey,field inspection, record of crops, revision of maps, or reports relating to mutations, partitions, revenue or rent, takavi, or other circumstances of his circle that he may be ordered to make by the Revenue Officers.
5.    He must also give such assistance as may be required of him by the Govenrment rules for the relief of agricultural distress, or in elections, or in Human and Agricultural Census. Such orders shall ordinarily be issued through the kanungo to whom he is subordinate.

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