SEBI Grade A Salary Structure

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SEBI Grade A Salary Structure

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SEBI Grade A Salary Structure

According to the Security and Exchange Board of India’s official notification, every Grade A Officer will receive a base salary of Rs 28150 at first, followed by 4 annual raises of Rs 1550 at the end of the fifth year, and then Rs 55600 after 17 years. 

The Assistant Manager salary range at SEBI is Rs 1,06,000 with housing and Rs 1,40,500 without housing, according to the 2022 notification, for applicants who have successfully completed the SEBI Grade A Selection Process. For the 2023 exam cycle, it is expected that the SEBI Grade A recruits’ monthly salary will follow a similar pattern.

Along with their basic pay, SEBI Grade A officers also receive the following additional benefits and perks:

  • House Rent Allowance (optional)
  • Quarterly Allowances
  • Monthly Petrol Allowance (100-200 liters)
  • Local Allowances
  • Dearness Allowances

Therefore, the total SEBI Grade A income with housing is approximately Rs 73000 and without housing is approximately Rs 107000. 

Candidates for SEBI Grade A who are recruited successfully must go through a two-year probationary period. Once the candidates have satisfactorily completed their probationary period, they will be confirmed to withstand the services of SEBI. 

The following lists the details of salaries, including numerous allowances:

SEBI Grade A Officer ( Assistant Manager) Salary


Salary Details

Pay Scale

Rs. 44500-2500-54580-2850-74450-EB-2850-85850-3300-89150

House Rent Allowance

Rs 34500

Quarterly Allowances

Rs 24000 

Petrol Allowances

Rs 15000

In-Hand Salary (includes Basic Pay and after all deductions)

Rs 55000 


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