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Sociology Optional for UPSC with Bansal Sir ()

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Sociology -The Discipline

Sociology - The Discipline ( Paper -1 , Chapter 1)

54 Resources
Sociology as Science

Sociology as Science ( Paper -1, Chapter -2)

62 Resources
Research Methods and Analysis

Research Methods and Analysis ( Paper -1 , Chapter-3)

67 Resources
Stratification in Society

Stratification and mobility (Paper-1) And Social classes , Caste system (Paper -2)

171 Resources
Sociological Thinkers

Sociological Thinkers - Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Parsons , Merton, Mead ( Paper-1 Chapter 4)

333 Resources
System of Kinship

System of Kinship - for both Paper-1 And Paper -2

123 Resources
Religion and society

A course in Religion and Society - for both Paper-1 And Paper -2

62 Resources
Perspective in Indian Society

Perspective for Studying Indian Society - Ghurye, Srinivas, Desai

26 Resources
Rural and Agrarian Society

A course in Rural and Agrarian Society( Paper -2 , Chapter-3), Rural and Agrarian Social transformation Paper -2

70 Resources
Politics and Society

Politics and Society - for both Paper-1 And Paper -2

125 Resources
Social Change

Social Change in Modern India (Paper-1), Vision of Social Change in India (Paper -2)

80 Resources
Work and economic Life

Work and economic Life for Paper -1 Chapter 5, Industrialization and Urbanisation (Paper-2)

70 Resources
Social Movements

A course in Social Movements in India , (Paper -1 and paper -2 )

64 Resources
Impact of Colonial rule

Impact of Colonial rule ( Paper-2, Chapter 2)

21 Resources
Tribal Communities

Tribal Communities , Paper -2

28 Resources
Challenges of social Transformation

Challenges of social Transformation ( Paper -2 Chapter 15)

55 Resources
Population Dynamics

Poulation Dynamics ( Paper -2)

32 Resources
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