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World History

World History since 18th century

386 Resources
India and the world

India and its relation with various countries of the world

2486 Resources
Security Issues

Concept , Agencies, Issues, Problems and Responses

3080 Resources
Ancient And Medival History

Time lines , Dynasties , Religion ad Philosophy

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Indian Polity

Constitution of Indian and working of Indian political system

11361 Resources
Economic Affairs

Indian Economy: Sectors , Trends , Issues , Problems

14836 Resources
Modern Indian History

1857 onwards , Freedom Struggle , Post Independence

3635 Resources

Physical, Human and Economic geography of India and world

11853 Resources
Environment and Ecology

Concepts , Diversity, challenges , Issues and Responses

6745 Resources
Governance Issues

Concept , Processes , Challenges in Governance system in India

2759 Resources
Social Issues

Society - Features , Problems , Issues , and developments

4735 Resources
Science Affairs

General Science ands Science & Technology

9950 Resources
Culture of India

Historial and contemporary aspects of Indian culture

2773 Resources
Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

Dimensions of ethics and values in Public and Private sphere

587 Resources
International Affairs

World Events and their significance and analysis

2805 Resources
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UPSC IAS exam is India's most prestigious exam. IAS exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

To clear UPSC IAS exam, developing speed and efficiency and managing time properly is essential to helps you excel in the UPSC IAS exam. For this you can join Abhimanu IAS Vision Test Series. The test Series is curated to bring out the best in you while helping you practice effectively. 

Over the years, several toppers have credited the UPSC Test Series to be the driving force behind their success.

Implement foolproof revision UPSC IAS Test Series  

If you want to crack the IAS exam on your first attempt, you need to revise thoroughly. Holistically revising the entire syllabus needs you to improvise and create short notes and mind maps. 

Create small and realistic targets for yourself in your exam preparation strategy. Once you have achieved those targets, revise holistically. Make a habit of revising weekly to go through everything that you have covered in the past week. Before starting a new topic, review your preparation daily by analyzing study notes.

Abhipedia UPSC IAS Test Series Features
Abhipedia unique feature will help you with your preparation and make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

 1. 360° Learning 
 2. Depth Analysis of Test Series
 3. Your Doubts Session For Test Series

Why Enroll in UPSC IAS 2022-23 test Series?

You’ll get the best Abhimanu IAS Vision test series and other resources from the abhipedia experts.

The course will help you prepare comprehensively for the UPSC IAS 2022-23 Exam.

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