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CSE (General Studies)()

Science Affairs

General Science ands Science & Technology : Both From Pre and Mains Perspective

8941 Resources
Indian Polity

Constitution of Indian and working of Indian political system

9816 Resources
Social Issues

Features of Indian Society , Problems , processes and ideological debates and developments

4153 Resources

Physical, Human and Economic geography of India and world

10462 Resources
Economic Affairs

Different aspects of Indian Economy: Monetary, fiscal, and financial system, sectors of the economy

12271 Resources
Governance Issues

Concept , Processes , Challenges in Governance system in India

2330 Resources
Environment and Ecology

Environmental and ecological diversity, challenges and Responses

5704 Resources
Modern Indian History

Indian Freedom struggle 1857 onwards , Post independence History after 1947

3534 Resources
World History

World History since 18th century

341 Resources
Culture of India

Historial and contemporary aspects of Indian culture

2519 Resources
India and the world

India and its relation with various countries of the world

2024 Resources
Security Issues

Internal and External Security threats , Security infrastructure and various issues

2551 Resources
Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

Various dimensions of ethics and values in public and private sphere.

550 Resources
International Affairs

Events and Happenings in the world and their significance and analysis

2514 Resources
Miscellaneous GK

938 Resources
Ancient And Medival History

2339 Resources
"Indian Polity"
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