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Himachal Pradesh State GK

Includes topics History , Geography , Polity , Economy , art and culture Of Himachal Pradesh

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General Science (HAS)

General Studies (P) : including everyday science including biology, physics, Chemistry etc

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Indian Freedom Struggle (1857-1947)(HAS)

General Studies (P) : Indias Freedom Struggle including events , persons , developments etc

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Indian Political System(HAS)

General Studies (P) : Constituion of India Including working of Indian Political system

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Geography and Environment (HAS)

General Studies (P) : including World and Indian physical, human and economic geography

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Ancient and Medieval History(HAS)

General Studies (P) : including Ancient and Medieval Indian History etc

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Indian Economic System(HAS)

General Studies (P) : Working of Indian Economy incl basic concepts, trends, policy and programmes

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Quantitative Aptitude (HAS)

CSAT (P) : Basic numerical skills; numbers, magnitudes, percentages, numerical relation etc

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Data interpretation (HAS)

CSAT (P) : Data analysis; Graphic presentations, charts, tables, spreadsheets. etc

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Logical Reasonong (HAS)

CSAT (P) : Logical reasoning, analytical and mental ability etc

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English Language and Interpesonal Skills (HAS)

CSAT (P) : Comprehension, antonyms and synonyms, grammar etc Interpersonal and communication skills

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HPAS Mock Test Series 

Mock Test Series always plays a very important role in exam preparation. The HPAS test Series helps you understand question paper patterns and types of questions that will appear in the HPAS exam. 

The Best Coaching Centre For HPAS Exam in Chandigarh will undoubtedly allow the students to understand exam patterns by giving the best Test Series for the HPAS exam. 

Abhipedia believes multiple revision of th entire syllabus for the HCS Exam/HPAS exam is critical as the most effective preparation strategy. A coaching centre must also help the students revise procedures by arranging for a series of HPAS mock test papers.

Abhipedia Educator plans the questions by combining common themes or patterns that have recurred in the HPAS previous year's Papers. 

HPAS Test Series allows solving the questions within a given time frame. Practising mock test series in an exam-like environment builds student confidence.

Benefits of Abhipedia HPAS Test Series 2022.

1. All HPAS Test Series based on the latest exam pattern.
2. All HCS Test series cover important topics question
3. Helps to Brush up the old concepts.
4. Live Doubt Session Classes
5. Subject Wise MCQ questions for Practice
6. Personal Counselling Session

Many more Features depend on the course. 

Chandigarh Best coaching centre for HPAS exam Abhipedia knows that all individuals have a different pace of learning; some students are very mindful and grab the concept very easily, but some are slow learners who take time to grasp the idea. 

We focus more on those students who learn slowly. The coaching institute should provide individual care to ensure these students are not left behind. 

At Abhipedia, the student can explore HPAS video course comprehensive resources like PDFs, Current affairs, Free test series for HPAS, Mock  Test papers and thousand of HPAS subject & Topic wise micro Course.

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