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Logical Reasoning (HCS)

CSAT (P) : Logical reasoning, analytical and mental ability etc

6725 Resources
Quantitative Aptitude (HCS)

CSAT (P) : Basic numerical skills; numbers, magnitudes, percentages, numerical relation etc

8181 Resources
English Language and Interpesonal Skills (HCS)

CSAT (P) : Comprehension, antonyms and synonyms, grammar etc Interpersonal and communication skills

5063 Resources
Indian Economic System(HCS)

General Studies (P) : Working of Indian Economy incl basic concepts, trends, policy and programmes

6879 Resources
Haryana State GK

Includes topics History , Geography , Polity , Economy , art and culture Of Haryana

2307 Resources
Current (GK) (HCS)

Miscallaneous General knowledge like persons, places , awards etc

10 Resources
Indian Freedom Struggle (1857-1947)(HCS)

General Studies (P) : Indias Freedom Struggle including events , persons , developments etc

2929 Resources
Ancient and Medieval History(HCS)

General Studies (P) : including Ancient and Medieval Indian History etc

1349 Resources
General Science (HCS)

General Studies (P) : including everyday science including biology, physics, Chemistry etc

3944 Resources
Indian Political System(HCS)

General Studies (P) : Constituion of India Including working of Indian Political system

6461 Resources
Geography and Environment (HCS)

General Studies (P) : including World and Indian physical, human and economic geography

9941 Resources
General Studies (Mains )

Various Sections of General Studies From Mains Perspectives

2969 Resources

5 Resources
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HCS Online Mains Test Series Download Now

Once you are done with your initial preparation of covering the HCS syllabus, revising is the next step. All your short notes, flashcards, and prepared answers from earlier will come in handy now. The entire HCS syllabus should be revised thrice during the span of the preparation.

HPCS HCS often sets questions that are closely related to HCS previous years’ question papers. All HCS Prelims Test Series generated by our educators are based on research and latest exam pattern so that you can get best Mock Test series for HCS  and prepare accordingly.

They give you much-needed insight into the type of questions that are asked. You can also download HCS Test Series PDF papers for detailed explanations of all the questions to better understand what to write.

Benefits of Abhipedia HCS Test Series 2022 

By enrolling Yourself  for Online HCSMains Test Series, here are list of benefits which you can avail.

1. Get Familiar with the exam pattern

2. Understanding of Exam 

3. unlimited MCQ questions for practice

4. Developing speed and efficiency

5.Managing time properly

For this, you can join abhipedia HCS free test series. The test series is curated to bring out the best in you while helping you practice effectively. Over the years, several toppers have credited the state-of-the-art test series to be the driving force behind their success. 

A proper strategy-based study with focus on the relevant books and resources will help aspirants gain advantage in the HCS exam. It should be combined with periodic revisions and regular practice of  best HCS test series MCQs and previous years question papers. This will hone your mind, sharpen your skills, improve your speed and time management prowess. As a result, when you appear in the offline exam, it will not appear as challenging!


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