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Boost your HCS preparation with a comprehensive and in-depth learning regime with our Subject wise and Topic wise Micro Courses. Experience the best HCS preparation techniques with state-of-the-art Micro Courses at your disposal.

Facing the best of exams needs you to be brave and have the will to evolve. You need to be thorough with your learning techniques.

With the Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC)-organized Haryana Civil Services (HCS) exam, you need to step up your learning techniques and the art of preparation.

But how to do that successfully?

For the first time in India, Abhimanu has come forward and extended its helping hands for all the inspired candidates of the HCS exams. For those aspirants who dream of being the best and come out with flying colours in the HCS exam, Abhipedia has presented the right tools that will get you past the finish line comfortably!

Don’t languish in self-doubt while constantly wondering how to crack HCS exam. Check out our Subject Wise Micro Courses instead and accelerate your learning journey!

What will you get in our Subject Wise Micro Courses of HCS?

Abhipedia or Abhimanu Subject wise HCS Course give you the wishdom to explore unlimited study resources of HCS exam. Here candidate can get Topics wise Micro Course and strengthen the weak area.

Logical Reasoning Online HCS Course

Boost your logical reasoning, analytical and mental ability for the HCS exam. Zoom ahead of competition with this avant-garde Micro Course!

6712 resources
Quantitative Aptitude Online HCS Course

Bring a finesse to your numerical problem solving skills. This Micro Course dives deep in all the intricacies of basic numerical skills, numbers, magnitudes, percentages, numerical relations and every other facet of quantitative aptitude. Since quantitative aptitude is one of the most high-scoring areas of the CSAT, this Micro Course will help you strengthen this area of yours comprehensively!

8171 resources 

English Language and Interpersonal Skills Online HCS Course

Mastering the English language and its smallest details will take you a long way in securing top position in the HCS exam. That is why it is essential for you to learn grammar, synonyms, antonyms, and comprehension skills along with others. Developing interpersonal and communication skills will help you during the interview. 

5056 resources 

Indian Economic System Online HCS Course (HCS)

Understanding the functioning and operations of the Indian Economic System is essential for your HCS exam preparation. It includes understanding the basic concepts, trends, programs and policies of the Indian Economy. 

5590 resources 

Haryana State GK Online HCS Course

Since the HCS exam is conducted by the Haryana Public Service Commission, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of everything related to the state. Therefore, this Micro Course helps you strengthen your GK about Haryana by including topics like History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Art and Culture of Haryana. 

2129 resources 

Online HCS Current Affair 

This Micro Course is aimed to strengthen your miscellaneous general knowledge like famous personalities, places, awards, currencies, capitals and a lot more. 

Online HCS Course Indian Freedom Struggle (1857-1947)

The Indian Freedom Struggle and related happenings are a critical part of the country’s history. This is also a very important section for several important central and state-based competitive exams across India. Therefore, this Micro Course is aimed to make you knowledgeable in the Indian Freedom Movement including various events, important personalities, developments, etc. 

2827 resources 

Online HCS Course  Ancient and Medieval History

The ancient and medieval history, including India’s history of the erstwhile period tells us a lot about the civilizations and narrates the course of several important happenings that had far-reaching implications. This Micro Course is designed to reinforce your ancient and medieval historical knowledge.

1343 resources 

Online HCS Course General Science 

One of the most important sections that is needed for a foolproof HCS exam preparation strategy is general science. It includes everyday occurrences and their scientific explanations. The subjects covered in this Micro Course are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

3310 resources 

Online HCS Course Indian Political System (HCS)

Understanding the intricacies of the Indian Political System is essential for every aspirant appearing for administrative service exams, whether it be central or state-based. This Micro Course deals extensively with the Constitution of India along with the functioning of the Indian Political System.

5351 resources 

Online HCS Course Geography and Environment (HCS)

General Studies (P): It is essential to know the details about the environment and geographical features of the planet we are inhabiting. This Micro Course contains extensive insights into the world and Indian economic, physical and human geography.

8947 resources 

Online HCS Course General Studies (Mains)

This Micro Course deals with various sections of the General Studies in accordance with the HCS Mains exam pattern. 

2426 resources  

The fabled Micro Courses bundles include every course pertaining to the subject and provides the ideal boost to your HCS exam preparation strategy!

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