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Interview require an indepth analysis of one own personal biodata. This facility provides the candidate an opportunity to know the most likely questions, which may be asked by the board. Normally the interview starts with some questions on biodata. If the answers to such questions are prepared before hand , candidate feels comfortable in the interview. At abhimanu 20 years of experience is now available to assist you in this important ocassion.

Just upload your DAF below and a list of probable question ( personalized question bank) with most probable openings will reach you in 72 hours.

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"Quality Improvement Programme 2024"
"World History"
"Ancient and Medieval History"
"Two Years GS Weekend Course"
"One Year General Studies (pre cum mains)"
"Environment and Ecology"
"UPSC IAS Mentorship Program"
"Society in  India"
"Indian Economy by Bansal Sir"
Indian Polity

Understanding the Intricacies of the Constitution of India and Working of the Indian Political System

14806 Resources
Ancient and Medival History

Time lines , Dynasties , Religion ad Philosophy

4070 Resources
Culture of India

Historial and contemporary aspects of Indian culture - Architecture, Music and Dance , Paintings, Religion etc

3714 Resources
Modern Indian History

1857 onwards , Freedom Struggle including events , leaders , Challenges ,actions etc , Post Independence

4647 Resources
Economic Affairs

Indian Economy - Monetary , Financial and Fiscal System, Various Sectors - Trends , Issues , Problems , Planning and Resposes.

19593 Resources
Environment and Ecology

Concepts of Environment and Ecology, Biodiversity, Pollution, Climate Change - Challenges, Issues and Responses

9768 Resources

Physical, Human and Economic geography of India and world including Geomorphology, climate , oceans, soil , vegeration , minerals etc

15536 Resources
Science Affairs

General Science including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Zoology etc and Science & Technology - Space , Biotechnology , nuclear etc

12833 Resources
Governance Issues

Concept of Governanace , Processes , Challenges in Governance system in India

3558 Resources
Social Issues

Indian Society - Features , Social Problems , Various Issues , and Developments like globalisation , regionalism, religion etc .

5365 Resources
World History

World History since the 18th century including Renaissance, World Wars , Cold Wars and later Developments etc

405 Resources
Miscellaneous GK

231 Resources
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Best online coaching classes for IAS and State Services Exam Preparation HCS, PCS, HAS & etc.

Abhipedia offers the best online coaching for UPSC IAS and State Civil Services HCS, PCS, HAS &, etc exam preparation as the platform is known to provide excellent results, and every year students from the portal top the UPSC and State Civil Services exams. Coaching is imparted for other courses too like APFC, SSC, MBA, Law entrances, and Paramilitary forces.

 About 70% of abhipedia students have been selected from the Northern states of  India. To know more about the best IAS coaching in Chandigarh fees, check our online portal, or send a query. Thanks to the innovative thinking of Mr. Parveen Bansal, for his steps in making Abhipedia what it is today, Chandigarh has now become a hub of civil services preparation, without the need to go to the metro cities for coaching. 

 This Portal offers the best course to become an IAS officer and aspirants can join the course online as well as offline at their convenience. There is a large team of experts to provide exceptional study material and design courses using their areas of expertise and specialization. The coaching material and classes have been designed using the changing technology, to serve the students the best so enroll in the online coaching classes for IAS now through Abhimanu IAS. The portal is known to provide a system of organized lectures that strictly coincide with the examination course of study. 

3 Year Foundation online coaching for UPSC IAS and State Civil Services HCS, PCS, HAS 

The 3-year foundation course for IAS online by abhipedia incorporates a large amount of printed study material and handouts that are passed on to the students at regular intervals and they are of current significance.

The institute has an edge over the competitors in the field of coaching for the civil services exam as students are given extraordinary topics of auxiliary importance. Online testing portals are designed in the form of OMR sheets to give the students a feel of the UPSC examination system.

abhipedia offers the best online classes for IAS preparation and uses information technology to build an online student support system. This online platform helps students participate in discussion forums and ask questions from the faculty on any relevant topic. 

Abhipedia Coaching also offers recorded online video classes in case you have missed any lectures. The students can watch the video lectures online at any time and from anywhere. This institute offers the best course to become an IAS officer with a highly proficient faculty of 30 people with excellent experience and expertise. The entire facility is seasoned to provide the students with individual attention and personal care. abhipedia IAS offers online classes for UPSC CSE and State Civil Services HCS, PCS, HAS, etc, and has a well-stocked library for the students to sit and study they offer scholarships to financially weak students so that great talents are not left behind due to economic constraints. 

Abhipedia IAS is created by Abhimanu IAS, a powerhouse of visionary knowledge for the civil services examination for the last 23 years. This is a compact platform that intelligently categorizes static as well as dynamic updates according to the needs of any exam including the UPSC Examination. In this portal, you will have access to 360-degree online study material for IAS and state civil Services exams PCS, HCS, HAS & etc along with test series and video lectures. All resources can be accessed through four options 

  • Full subscription to the portal 
  • Video courses only
  • Test series only
  • Micro Courses with the freedom to customize what you wish to learn

When it comes to test series,  we have always devised new ways to test student's potential and provide them with adequate analysis, so that students can focus on weak areas, as well as identify their strong areas, which will help in attempting question papers in a better way. The analytical part of the test will be based on the Level of questions, Sources of questions, Attempt orientation as chosen by the student, Type of Choice, Question Expectation, Subject, Topic-wise, comparison with toppers, time taken to attempt each question.. and many more. 

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