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HCS Mains - Public Administration Course Code: HRMPUB

Lecture- 14: Evolution of Indian Administration + Environmental Setting

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Lecture Detail:

Evolution of Indian Administration

  1. “Ethics in public services has been the central concern of kautilya’s arthashastra.” Critically examine the statement and discuss the relevance of kautilya’s arthashastra in contemporary times.
  2. “The Mughal administrative system was military rule by nature and a form of centralized despotism.” Analyse.
  3. Indianisation of public service is a slow but steady process.” Discuss the statement in context of British legacy and significance in Indian administration.

Environmental setting

  1. Constitutionalism is the foundation of the administrative edifice in India. Discuss.
  2. The liberal democratic ideology of the west influenced the shaping of value premises of the Indian constitution. Discuss.
  3. The shaping of value premises of the Indian constitution. Discuss.
  4. The Word ‘Socialist’ in the preamble of the constitution requires to be defined. Comment.
  5. Indian Federalism is described as federal in form but unitary in spirit. Comment.


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