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HCS Mains - Public Administration Course Code: HRMPUB

Lecture- 11: Comparative and Development Administration

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Lecture Detail:

Chapter Basics: Meaning, nature and scope of comparative public administration. The concept, scope and significance of development administration. Political, economic and socio-cultural context of development administration. The concept of administrative development. 


  1. “No science of public administration is possible unless there is a body of comparative studies from which it is possible to discover principles and generalities that transcend national boundaries and peculiar historical experiences.” Discuss.
  2. CPA as a field of research is not so much comparative, as it is the study of public admin in foreign countries.” Comment.
  3. The prismatic model of Riggs is equally applicable to developing as well as developed society.” Comment.
  4. Discuss the major conceptual approaches to the study of CPA and explain how Max Weber is considered to be the foremost mentor in the field.
  5. How did Fred Riggs conceptualize the interaction between adminv system and their environment?
  6. Critically comment on Riggsian Prismatic sala model of administration of developing societies. To what extent Indian administrative system exhibits prismatic characteristics. [30marks,2009]
  7. A 'Science of Public Administration' must ,be comparative and concerned with efficiency. [7.5 marks, 2003]
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