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Course Code: RBI Gr B (CC)

Complete Online RBI Grade B Course 2023 Phase I & II

Paper-I and Paper-II Complete Couse (RBI GR. B)
Duration: 180 Days
Theory Lectures
MCQ practise Lectures
350 +
MIcro Tests
Web Notes
Practise Questions
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Abhipedia Online RBI Grade B Exam Course (2023-24)

Complete Course for RBI Grade B has been contrived to provide the aspirants required knowledge & exposure to clear the exam. The complete course has a blend of all the subjects ( as per the syllabus & trend ) of the respective exam. A User-friendly & exam-oriented interface has been provided to give the maximum exposure to prepare for the exam. The course has been strategically designed to prepare for the exam through exam-oriented notes and expert faculty guiding you to move forward in the phases of the examination & ultimately to become an RBI Grade B officer.

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 Note:  All Tests are prepared by Abhipedia certified expert faculty.

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Barka Mirza
5 year Teaching experience in Accountancy and Economics , Post graduate from Mumbai University
Jatin Sharma
Advanced MentorJatin Sharma
What our students have to say
  • Complete Course Covered Phase 1 & 2 both
  • Lectures are delivered by highly specialised and experienced faculty. 
  • Topics covered through Classes (Live+Recorded), Study Notes, Practice Tests and Practice Questions for RBI Grade B Exam
  • Study Notes and Test with each and every Theory lectures.
  • Special Doubt clearing Zoom live session.
  • Complimentary Test Series with the Course


Theory Lectures for RBI Grade B Exam


MCQ practise lectures

350 +

Micro Tests Attached with lectures


Topic-wise Web Notes

Unique Features of abhipedia

Interactive live classes

Learn and ask any questions to the faculty with abhipedia's unique platform. We use multiple platforms to clear all concepts. An advantage over physical classes.

360 degree learning

Learn from video lectures and attached notes and analyze your performance with the attached online test, update your self with latest current affairs on that topic

Special Doubt clearing sessions

Your doubts are cleared on the highest priority, with in the class as well as on the comfort of your home. You will not is the teachers,.

What are the unique advantages of Taking the Abhipedia RBI Grade B Course ?


The Freedom Learning approach is a game-changer for candidates for RBI Grade B Exam. They are free to curate their course however they want and pay subscription prices only for the content they need to access.


There are hundreds of free content available at Abhipedia, including mock tests, video lectures, and PDF resources available for the RBI Grade B examination. Let us look at the benefits of the features of the Freedom Learning approach. 


Vast learning resources of RBI Grade B Exam 2023

Abhipedia offers 360-degree learning resources through the Freedom Learning approach. The candidates have the freedom to choose which resources they can access comfortably. They can learn more about the topics they favour and score better in such niche topics in the RBI exam.

These resources have been verified to be genuine by the experts of the Abhipedia community. By having the freedom to access such a vast reservoir of knowledge, the students can polish their skills.

RBI Grade B Exam Micro Courses for better understanding:

Experts at Abhipedia believe that when knowledge is shared with students in small quantities continuously, it increases their ability to grasp the topic better. The entire body of knowledge broken up into small portions can be digested better than trying to absorb a big chunk at once. This is where the RBI Grade B exam micro-courses offered by Abhipedia become such a stroke of genius.

There is nothing better than a learning platform that is well-versed in student psychology. The knowledge presented in a compact and condensed manner, curated for the primary purpose of clearing a particular exam, allows the candidate to learn the fundamental concepts and then decide which topics they choose to study in more detail.

Curate your learning:

Many students find stipulated course material redundant and out of fashion. While other learning platforms may negate their claims, Abhipedia recognizes the needs of the students. Through its Freedom Learning approach, students can curate their path of learning.

Dedicated students closely analyze the RBI Grade B previous year question papers to identify the repeated questions and their patterns. They prefer to curate their courses and take them at their own pace to maximize their preparation efforts.

Abhipedia allows the students to handpick the courses and resources they deem helpful. Their course curation helps the student recognize their strengths and weaknesses to work on them better.

Allowing students to take their lessons at their speed maintains certain flexibility that lets them take a much-required break from time to time to recharge and return to their lessons with renewed vigour. Not all students are capable of learning at the same speed, nor does everyone have the opportunity to sacrifice their other responsibilities to meet the demands of a given schedule, of working candidates. Abhipedia's flexible learning options allow these candidates also to prepare for the RBI Grade B exam seriously.

RBI Exam Grade B video courses

As much as we value our sense of sight, if one does not have exceptional reading abilities, they might need some time to understand what they are reading. Between resources like PDFs and videos, the human brain can grasp the video content quickly. Specially designed RBI Grade B exam video courses thus help engage the students' attention better than just lengthy and informative PDFs.

Abhipedia offers subject-wise video courses for RBI Exam, for the students to choose from. Many of these courses are free of cost to increase the accessibility of education to students from poorer backgrounds. These courses contain animated content, research information, lectures by subject experts, previous year's papers discussion, and lectures to improve one's exam strategy.

These courses help the student get a cheaper idea of what to expect from the question paper when they finally sit for the exam. Besides, the unwavering attention demanded by such video lessons develops the students' concentration, helping them be more focused in their preparation.

Free test series for RBI Grade B Exam

Exam preparations do not end at just completing the syllabus. Following it comes the revision phase, whereby a student revises the entire RBI Grade B exam syllabus 2022 at least thrice to get ready for the exam by all means. RBI Grade B Mock tests are an essential part of the last leg of the revision phase.

Mock tests help the students get a taste of what is to come. They are set within a given time limit by which the candidate has to finish their papers. Unfamiliar surroundings can add to the exam anxiety, unnecessarily weakening the candidate's composure. So, the mock test setup is similar to that of the real exam, which helps the candidate become familiar with it.

Abhipedia's RBI exam test series let the candidates sit for practice tests and evaluate them according to the standards of each specific examination. Students can see the exact state of their preparation for the exam by sitting for these tests. They can thus go back and revise their weaker portions and further polish their strengths.

There are many test series specially designed by Abhipedia to cater to the needs of the students. These also consist of discursive content about the preparation, previous year's papers discussion, MCQ question and answers discussion, and tips from the mentors at Abhipedia.

Common Questions which come to mind, you can read out below, in case you have specific questions which are not there you can call us.

Qs: Is this a paid course?
Ans: Yes, it’s a paid course. As it will provide complete classroom environment .

Qs: What about the subscription period ?
Ans: Subscription period is clealry mentioned along with course. It is extendable at NO EXTRA COST if the exam date postpones and other inevitable factors.

Qs: How will the classes be conducted? What will happen if I miss a class?
Ans: You Can Wath the class live from your abhipedia Course Page.Recorded Classes will be available after the live class.

Qs: What are the class days and timings?
Ans: Please check the Schedule of classes plan

Qs: Can the classes be downloaded?
Ans: No, they can't be downloaded. But the recordings will be available to you. You just need to be connected to the internet to watch them again.

Qs: Can I pay in instalments?
Ans: Please note that, we do not offer installment for course ( with price above 10000) through Finanacepeer , however, you can pay using credit card by availing EMI options.

Qs: What are the hardware requirements to join this course?
Ans: You need to have access to a fairly good, continuous internet connection to watch live classes and video recordings. In case you have any difficulty you can contact abhipedia’s technical team from your abhipedia dashboard.

Qs: How to buy the course?
Ans: You can click on buy now and use online payment (netbanking/cards/UPI) to buy the course.

Qs: How will I get my doubts answered?
Ans: We provide Personal Mentorship; you can mail / whats app the mentor. Text Mentor services along with your Admissin ID at 9501114021
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