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What are Micro courses ?

Do you face any of these Questions?

Can't I pay as I study ?

Our Studies indicate that actual usage of full subscriptions is not more than 25%. Microverse gives total freedom to pay as you learn.

How to Learn efficiently ?

Studies indicate that a large number of student work very hard but still unable to learn effciently. Take micro courses one by one to prepare in a 360 degree manner and increase learning efficiently.

How to locate my Points of Failure in Exam ?

Repeated failures are quite common in competitive exams. Micro verse helps improve in a highly selective manner through Micro Courses .

Abhiepdia Options for Selective Preparation

Choose from a range of Micro courses

Choose to improve through the Test series, Module course

Choose a Mentor and discuss the improvement possibilities

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"abhipedia’s Microverse is truly unbelievable in terms of freedom it gives to students and enhanced learning experience."
Akshay Kumar

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abhipedia’s Microverse is truly unbelievable in terms of freedom it gives to students and enhanced learning experience."

Akshay Kumar , Student

abhipedia’s Microverse aims at increasing the access of Exam Preparation to each and every Student. abhipedia Micro Courses are a combination of Good Quality , Low Cost and Enhanced learning.

Parveen Bansal , Founder abhipedia

Micro courses has helped me to have better view of the targets i have to achieve. I am really satisfied

Rohan Srivastva , Student

If Results Matter?

UPSC CSE - 1500+          State Civils - 500+     
EPFO - 210+        I       NABARD - 50+      
SEBI - 45+       I     RBI  -   40+      
CAPF -  40+  

Why Microverse?

Backed by 25 years of Expereince

Abhiepdia is not only content but also a concept and startegy. It is product of a vast 25 years experience of student needs and intense study of successful students.

2100+ selections to rely upon

Success is pre condition for right startegy. Abhipedia has consistently proved through the success rate in UPSC, State civils , regulatory bodies etc.

Freedom Learning Options

One reason , you must choose abhipedia is freedom to choose the course your need and pay progressively. We are confident , are you ?

"abhipedia’s Microverse aims at broad basing the access of exam preparation to each and every student. Be sure of the quality and pay as you learn progressively"
Parveen Bansal , Founder and chief Mentor abhipedia
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About abhipedia Microverse

Welcome to Abhipedia Micro Courses, the platform that offers you the freedom to prepare for your competitive exams through micro learning. Our micro courses are designed to help you explore specific topics and excel in your chosen course. With easy access to learn, you can join our micro courses and start exploring topic-wise learning anytime, anywhere.

abhipedia Microverse is the product of abhimanu rich experience and a constant committment to add value to education. Abhimanu was founded in 1999 in the smart city of Chandigarh under the expert mentorship of Shri  Parveen Bansal, a renowned name in Education. Since past 25 years , With a success of over 2000 candidates in UPSC and State Civil Services , abhimanu has consistently dominated since 1999.


Enhance Learning Efficiency Micro Courses

At Abhipedia, we understand that Learning efficiency is the key to success in any competitive exam. Hence, our micro courses are a wonderful platform that helps you to prepare at a particular topic level with a subject. Our 360-degree learning platform ensures that you get a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


Prepare Weak areas Through Micro Courses

Our micro courses provide an opportunity for aspirants to locate their weak areas and practice specific topics and questions with the help of our module courses. Our micro courses are designed to help you identify and work on your specific problem areas, so you can achieve your desired score.


Pay as you Learn Through Micro Courses

Abhipedia Micro Courses give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and pay as you learn. There's no need to pay for the complete course in advance. Just keep learning and pay as you go. This way, you can learn without any financial burden and focus on your studies.

Join Abhipedia Micro Courses today and take the first step towards achieving your dreams. With our platform, you can explore specific topics, excel in your chosen course, and prepare for your competitive exams with ease. Start your learning journey with us today!



More and more students are relying on online education to achieve their goals in a highly flexible and cost-effective manner. The Internet is flooded with Online education portals helping students to crack exams through subscriptions and complete courses and Test Series. Microverse is a new way of learning in which students prepare in a highly focussed and progressive manner. Subjects are divided into Micro Courses and students have access to lectures in a micro-course along with MicroWeb Notes, Micro Tests and even Micro Current Affairs. Abhipedia Microverse is a universe of Micro Courses which can be used to the students to prepare in a unique way and achieve success. All Micro courses are complete in themselves with lectures, notes, and tests. Microverse also offers the student freedom to choose between lectures, notes or tests. Amazing isn’t it? Microverse gives freedom to choose from a range of Micro courses. It’s an ecosystem of micro-courses for more focused preparation.
Micro Course is topic based preparation in a stepped manner. Subjects are divided into topics and student accomplish a task of preparing a topic before moving to next.
structured Study material , Mentor Support , Stepped learning , Topic wise 360 degree resources, Lecture wise testing , Topic wise update , focus on topics as per trends help in enhanced learning
There is no need to pay for the full course in advance. The learning is topic wise and one can purchase the topics as one learns. Our Mentor team helps in choosing the sequence
Click on explore micro courses and proceed as guided through navigation
Varies from 180 days to 365 days. The validity may e extended at a very nominal price.
Any new resources like lectures, mcqs etc are added to the micro course after you have purchased , is FREE OF charge.
Abhipedia uses a student centric approach. It is promoted by teachers who have 25+ years experience in Exam preparation Various course options are provided to give freedom to student. Freedom to choose as per need, no need to buy whole subscription.. Mentor Support is key to abhipedia. We rely on strong services rather than cheap marketing to find place in the heart of the students. Pricing is done rationally so that both students, Teachers and organisation sustain.
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