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Excluisive Platform by Mr Jashan kang for innovative techniques in developing answer writing skills in History optional


A New Approach : DASHL

D : diagrams : which include graphs, flow diagrams, maps, elliptical illustrations etc.

A : analysis : elements like reasons, manifestation, impact, limitations etc form the basic structure of a good answer.

S: sources are extremely important in history optional. There is a misconception that writing of sources should be limited to ancient and medieval sections. But, even in modern indian history , there is a huge scope to write sources.

H : historiography i.e the perspectives of different historians should be written

L : legacy of the issue, event etc : historical dynamics leave a significant impact on the future course of events . We may apply the idea of kalhana , that ” major purpose of studying history is to learn from it for a better future”. Hence there is a scope of co-relating current events with history

All these elements in answers can really boost your score. Further, solutions in our test series are designed as per this approach .

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