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Value Added Courses

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Which Course is best for Me ?

     Advance Learning Centre

     General Studies Value Addition

 what you require is to sit down and prepare. Multiples coachings cannot help you to achive success. At this moment you should assess gaps in your preparation and take remedial action. At abhimanu our experts with 20 year experience provide strategic counselling at "Advance learning centre". This service is free of cost. Your whole preparation will be assessed objectively and accoprdingly advice will be given. 

We have various courses to add value to your prepaaration like

  • Test series for both prep and mains with multiple options 
  • Modeule wisde GS courses
  • Smart courses for pre and Mains

For ALC appointment  mail at


Further if you aware about your gaps we have various options for adding value to your GS preparation

Option -I



  • Smart Course for pre and mains
  • If you need to sharpen the skills for pre , we have 60 days value adddttion course with daily test, revision and value addition lecture. Same for mains answer writing course. 
  • for details  see the list of GS courses for details
  • Test Courses

Test ones preparation is indispensable these days . At abhimanu we have well organised test copordination celll . We have required staff for MAKING A TEST, CONDUCTING THE TEST  , DISCUSSION, PROVIDING EXPLANATION AND MOAL ANSWERS.


Pre only Test series (ITGP1, ITGP2, ITGP3, ITGP4, ITGP5, ITGP6)

  • 6 different type of test series , you  can choose according to your requirement.
  • both section wise and complete tests
  • Seperate test series for IAS and state civil services examination.


Mains Only test series  (ITGM1. ITGM2, ITYGM3,ITGM4)

  • T4 different type of test series for your requirement
  • Both section wise and paper wise tests .
  • Coverage of whole GS course syllabus

For details see the test courses

For more details and to find out if Which program fits in your goals and situation pls send a mail to with your full name, contact number, city .  We will get in touch for best possible solution for you.

Best Regards,
Subhash Singh

Contact: +919501114020, +91 172 4014 020, +919814824466, +919501114409
Seniour Counsellor | Abhimanu IAS 

Our mailing address is:
2nd Floor, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25, Chandigarh


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