Grad/Postgrad Oriented Courses

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Grad/Postgrad Oriented Courses

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I am doing Graduation or Post Graduation !!!!

Which Course is best for Me ?

  Graduation - First Year

Graduation - Second Year

 3 years left for completing graduation

Finishing school and entering college might open lot of opportunities for every student. But In the age of cut throat competition every individual needs to devise long term and short term career goals. While Graduating, meticulous time management planning by abhimanu mentors will not only help individuals achieve their career goals and but also acquire proper skill set to make their dreams come true. At abhimanu’s three year IGC (leadership) programme ………………………..

In college you have a lot of free time avilable as wells as you would wish to participate in acitivites. Three year course aims at reconciling both needs building career as well as affording you enough time for other things.

Option -I

Integrated Three Years Graduation cum civil services programme

  • Comprehensive coverage fo General studies/aptitude test Syllabus.
  • Easy with graduation - only 2-3 hours of study required daily. ( fits in with graduation nicely)
  • Skill enhancement - english language development .
  • Over all personality developement
  • Free revision in any course of abhimanus.

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 2 years left for completing graduation/Post graduation

Second year is crucial in making the career decisions. If you are thing of building your career at this staff , its better be very serious and make a suitable plan for yourself. Two year and one year options can suit you depending upon your intersts and situation.


Two year weekened general studies  Programme

  • Coverage of whole syllabus of General studies
  • Classes only on saturday and Sunday
  • Daily 3-4 Hours study requirement
  • Covert option to one year course later on.


One Year Regular course (Morning , evening or afternoon)

  • 6 days a week classes for General studies
  • Daily 6-7 hours of study required.
  • Revision and Tests in third year.

See GS courses for detilas

Gradaution - Final Year

One year Left for completing graduation or post graduation


One Year Regular Course ( Morning , evening or Afternoon )

  • 6 days a week class for general studies
  • Daily 6-7 hours of study required
  • revision anf tests simultaneously


Two Year Weekend General Studies Programme

  • Take one year off after graduation
  • Conversion option after one year.
  • Coverage of whole GS course
  • Classes only on Saturday and sunday


For more details and to find out if Which program fits in your goals and situation pls send a mail to with your full name, contact number, city .  We will get in touch for best possible solution for you.

Best Regards,
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