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From Director’s Dashboard

As Managing Director, Abhimanu IAS, I take immense pleasure to dedicate this website to all aspirants who are in different stages of preparation. The motto “Education with commitment “has been our torchbearer and through this commitment we have produced 1700+ civil servants till date. As we all know civil services as a career has been the most promising and prestigious one, and being the part of the nation building this service gives the youth an opportunity to be a part of policy making and showcase their skill set. Abhimanu IAS which will be completing two decades of successful journey started in 1999 understands the changing pattern and the approach required to compete this exam. Keeping in view the three most important components for preparation i.e INTEREST,TIME, RESOURCE one cannot ignore the vital component that is mentoring. In the age of mass media and Digital world another important layer of preparation is online resource. Abhimanu IAS is proud to dedicate our online mentor “ABHIPEDIA-An easy way to update” which is single source companion of an aspirant and provides 360 degree insight to the aspirant. It also fulfills all online requirements and has already added to the success stories of many successful candidates. With a core team, comprising of academics, IT, Test cell, Advance counseling team and other support staff Abhimanu is leading player with its presence in more than ten cities Pan India.
I wish huge success and will feel proud if Abhimanus can contribute to change your destiny.

Parveen Bansal

Founder and Chairman, Abhimanu Group

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