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Combined State Civil Services ()

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Everyday Science (State Civils)

General Studies (P) : including everyday science including biology, physics, Chemistry etc

3507 Resources
Logical Reasoning (State Civils)

CSAT (P) : Logical reasoning, analytical and mental ability etc

7452 Resources
Indian Freedom Struggle (1857-1947)(State Civils)

General Studies (P) : Indias Freedom Struggle including events , persons , developments etc

936 Resources
Quantitative Aptitude (State Civils)

CSAT (P) : Basic numerical skills; numbers, magnitudes, percentages, numerical relation etc

7917 Resources
Ancient and Medieval History(State Civils)

General Studies (P) : including Ancient and Medieval Indian History etc

1280 Resources
Geography and Environment (State Civils)

General Studies (P) : including World and Indian physical, human and economic geography

9684 Resources
Indian Economic System(State Civils)

General Studies (P) : Working of Indian Economy incl basic concepts, trends, policy and programmes

5625 Resources
Indian Political System(State Civils)

General Studies (P) : Constituion of India Including working of Indian Political system

5310 Resources
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