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SEBI Grade A ( Officer) Exam()

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Accountancy (Phase -I & II)

Useful for Both Phase I and Phase II - Principle, concepts, standards and Techniques of Accountacy

1469 Resources
Costing - Phase (I & II)

Useful for Both Phase I and Phase II :Principle, concepts, standards and Techniques of Costing

852 Resources
Companies Act-Phase (I & II)

Useful for Both Phase I and Phase II Various Provisions of Company act , different chapters , sections

1049 Resources
Economics- Phase (I & II)

Useful for Both Phase I and Phase II Concepts and Theories of Economics , Indian Economic system

812 Resources
Finance (Phase -I & II)

Useful for both Phase -I and Phase -II Conceptual and dynamic aspects of fianncial system in India. Private as well as government Finance

723 Resources
Management ( Phase -I & II)

Useful for Both Phase I and Phase II - Different Aspects of Management =- Concepts, theories and its application

962 Resources
Professional Legal Knowledge

Subject of Law containing various acts and legislations important from exam point of view

3792 Resources
Quantitative Aptitude ( Phase -I)

For PHASE - I Prelim only .. Question on different types of mathematics

8839 Resources
Logical Reasoning ( Phase -I)

For PHASE - I Prelim only .. Question on different types of reasoning

5446 Resources
English language

Different aspects of English Langauge

7448 Resources
Interview Preparation (SEBI)

Question Banks , documents , lectures

71 Resources
"Complete  SEBI Course (Phase-I & II)"
"The Companies Act"
"Logical Reasoning Course (SEBI)"
"Quantitative Aptitude (SEBI)"
"English  Language Course"
"Computer Course"
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How are our SEBI Subject wise  Micro Courses different?

We help develop effective study skills for the SEBI Grade A exam.

Learning is a fundamental part of life. However, here, the aspirants aim to learn and inculcate great skills to stand out in their SEBI Grade A exam.. But there are several roadblocks on the path to success. Many students lack holistic study skills and struggle to study effectively for the SEBI Grade A exam.

Thus, Abhipedia has introduced its al around Subject wise SEBI  Micro Courses to change that. Apart from SEBI Grade A exam online coaching, Abhipedia has invested all its strength in a comprehensive exam preparation strategy. 

If you are wondering how to clear the SEBI exam, you have come to the right place! The ‘three-step model’ of study- previewing, summarising, and revising will help you gain a massive edge and become a top contender for superlative results in the exam.

Our Micro Courses are created with the latest SEBI Grade A exam pattern in mind. These courses are designed to help you create a realistic study plan, tackle procrastination, deal with stress, stay motivated and go through every required subject in detail!

With a total of 55,473 resources for exam preparation, we provide you with an exhaustive array of materials i.e. SEBI Grade Paper 2 test papers , video courses to master every subject in detail. 

  • Video lectures and the free test series are common aspects of every study app or tutorial website that is helping you with exam preparation.

  • But for the first time, Abhipedia has introduced 360-degree learning techniques fortified with thousands of resources converging at a single place.

  • Experience the Abhimanu advantage after you start learning from our Micro Courses!

Don’t languish in self-doubt while constantly wondering how to crack exams. Check out our Micro Courses instead and accelerate your learning journey!

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