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(4.8/5) 92 Reviews
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6 years Experience of teaching in the field of commerce, , B.com, M.com, B.ed, CA-IPCC, UGC net Qualified, Known for clearing concepts

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pardeep kumar asked 4 months ago

good morning mam pls explain deffered revnue expenditure and fictious assets compariosn and diffrence

Prateek pandey asked 5 months ago

Good evening mam how can i get pdf of your daily classes?

Komal asked 5 months ago

u said in the 1st video of course that there would be mcq, but I am not able to find them anywhere. plzz tell me

vinod Yadav asked 6 months ago

Hello mam I purchased your course but it is heckling most of the time...do something because I don't have much time because I work for a firm...

BANIBRATA CHAKRABORTY asked 7 months ago

in the absence of partnership deed, the interest received is 6%.but in the question no 6 of the partnership test 1 it is written no interest on capital is allowed. Ma'am please answer

Prashant shinde asked 8 months ago

Mam when will we get the booklet of accounting principles?

NIHARIKA WALIA replied 8 months ago

If you have purchased the course before 1st Feb then you can coordinate with the number stated - 7250952757

Rajesh Singh asked 8 months ago

hello ma'am, youtube pe epfo wala videos maine dekhna shuru kiya hai so uske pdfs kaise mil sakte hain... plz help.

NIHARIKA WALIA replied 8 months ago

if you have subscribed the course then you will find it below every class. After registration in free course click on avail 100% discount and you can download the pdf

sai asked 9 months ago

Mam, i can't understand Hindi, do you make English only videos ?

NIHARIKA WALIA replied 9 months ago

The videos are bilingual. Notes are in English only though.

Saurabh Abhishek asked 10 months ago

Hi.....I joined EPFO full course around 20 days back.....u r uploading multiple choice questions on YouTube....I need pdf......

NIHARIKA WALIA replied 9 months ago

If you have joined paid course then you will find all the documents related to the class with the class only along with MCQs.

vijesh verma asked 11 months ago

sir i vnt 2 purchase sebi grade a complete test series (rs 1999) . i vnt to confirm u that i m eligible for sebi grade topic wise test means i get test marks

Amandeep singh asked 11 months ago

Mam plz explain one entry...sales to vijay for 1520 has been posted to his credit as 1250? Thank you mam.

Hrishikesh asked one year ago

hello ma"am this is Hrishikesh from bhagalpur bihar.actuly i m preparing for EPFO and actuly also preparing for indian council for cultural relation, post-assistant.as per examination syllabus there are some portion of GAP.i want to send u syllabus but how??

Tejas maithil asked one year ago

Maam your lectures is not opening here .pls tell me how i can study your notes and mcq ..pls tell me

VANDEEP asked one year ago

hello mam, hope you good..... i want to prepare myself for GAP and to be very frank i have no idea about commerce..... but i am a good learner ... i am going to purchase your paid course ....how can i make more fruitful this course please suggest me

Habeeb khan rated 7 months ago

Saajan Yonzon rated 6 months ago

Abhijith P Kumar rated 7 months ago

Deepika Sood rated 6 months ago

Bibhusan behura rated one year ago

pankaj joshi rated 8 months ago

as I am science background I am afraid of GAP but with your lecture now i can solve basic MCQ THANK YOU MAM.

Kiran Kumar rated 3 months ago

RAJAT KUMAR SINGH rated 9 months ago

she waste time reading comment section. she does not take lecture in a flow. thats her major drawback

Sumit rated one year ago

rohit gupta rated 7 months ago

Beauty with brain

rakesh kumar rated one year ago

Deepak Verma rated one year ago

Hrishikesh rated one year ago

excellent faculty for GAP at abhipedia.teaching methodolgy is excellent.thanku so much.

Yamini palepu rated one year ago

im a non accounting background aspirant. Niharika mam is the one who made my difficulty simple and created interest on accounts for my upsc epfo exam.

priya raj rated one year ago

Avinandan Raj rated one year ago

Your explanation is very helpful Thanku so much mam ??

Abhineet Gaurav rated one year ago

Ma'am, your teaching techniques is pretty good. I am learning basics A/C through your lecture, as Arts is my background. I think, I will be able to solve MCQs of EPFO after listening your lecture.

Singhal saheb rated one year ago


NAVIN KUMAR rated one year ago

You are the best. The way you explains it's pretty awesome.

I. Daly Priyanka rated one year ago

Ashish Mishra rated one year ago

akshay ghosh rated one year ago

Try to make understand for those students who are not from commerce background

sanjeet saiyam rated one year ago

deepak yadav rated one year ago

nikita sharma rated one year ago

ABHIMANYU SINGH YADAV rated one year ago

PANKAJ KUMAR rated 10 months ago

Excellent teaching attitude

SANTHI SWAROOP rated one year ago

prductive class

VANDEEP rated one year ago

the way you clear the concept is just fab

Rajat rated one year ago

Teach with patience not try to outflow her knowledge immediately and at large extent..

Prashant Kumar rated one year ago

Great faculty. Never has such a smooth learning process as with Ma'am. First time studying accounting and got very easily aligned with accounting concepts. Thank you very much Ma'am for your great effort.

Blue Star rated 9 months ago

Vijay kumar rated one year ago

Plz launched the RBI grade B test series with exam analysis

Niaz ahmed rated one year ago

HEMANT rated one year ago

Best teacher ever.

AKASH BHARDWAJ rated one year ago

Hari rated one year ago

Ma'am's way of teaching is so lucid that just after taking all classes on YouTube I have enrolled for these classes so as to more sharpen my concepts

Shashank Rastogi rated one year ago

Tushar Verma rated 11 months ago

Meenakshi rated one year ago

Anil rated 6 months ago

Vinita jhuria rated one year ago

Rathod baburao rated one year ago

abhijeet chandurkar rated 3 months ago

Surya rated one year ago

GYAN PRAKASH KUMAR rated one year ago

effective teaching style.

Prateek pandey rated one year ago

Good teacher

Prateek pandey rated 5 months ago

Manish Kumar rated one year ago

KALPANA rated one year ago

Saumya Kesarwani rated 4 months ago

She explains right through the concepts... a unique example of beauty with brains.

Ashish Pal rated 7 months ago

payal rated one year ago


sourav mondal rated one year ago

Saheb Kumar rated one year ago

Chiru rated 11 months ago

nice explanation

Rohit Tripathi rated one year ago

Sagar Ashok Raut rated 7 months ago

Just Awesome

Riddhi rated 9 months ago

Ujjwal Chopra rated one year ago

BEAST ROCK rated 10 months ago

Ajay Pratap yadav rated 10 months ago

ranjana sahu rated 11 months ago

Pallavi Singh rated 11 months ago

sanjana rated 11 months ago

Harshul Bansal rated 11 months ago

chetan singh rated 11 months ago

Vikash Kumar rated 5 months ago

I guess her Youtube lecture consisting questionnaire are very helpful.And the way she explain every small topic in lucid way,help in understanding of fundamental.Thanks

Soubhik Naskar rated 10 months ago

Excellent Teacher.

Javed khan rated 10 months ago

vishal bhardwaj rated 8 months ago

Akshay chouhan rated 3 months ago


SAMARTH SINGH rated 8 months ago

Rajesh Singh rated 8 months ago

kalpana kumari rated 9 months ago

Excellent teacher

MANISH GARG rated 6 months ago

anushika mishra rated 7 months ago

Bhartendu raw bedkar rated 8 months ago

Deepak singh rated 5 months ago

Surendra singh rated 7 months ago

Superb ma'am...maine abhi april se apke video dekhe aur meri accounting superb ho gayi.....thanx ma'am

Saurabh Singh Rajpoot rated 4 months ago

Roshan Kumar Ghiriya rated 7 months ago

Teaching is an art and she is an artist...has excellent grasp over concepts, provide examples to make us understand in an easy and comprehensive way, answers even before any doubt is raised....perfect !!!!

Awesh kumar pandey rated 3 months ago

Devashish Biswas rated 6 months ago

Excellent teacher

Komal rated 5 months ago

subeh singh rated 5 months ago

Harrisverma59@gmail.com rated 6 months ago

Mam your way of teaching is very good, everything explain by you in very simple way. Every difficult thing become very easy when you teach to us....

ajay kr mishra rated 5 months ago

Khushboo kumari rated 5 months ago

Raman Dubey rated 5 months ago


Adarsh Tiwari rated 2 months ago

Subrata chowdhury rated 2 months ago

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