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Founder abhipedia , 25 years experience , Subject Expert: Sociology, Indian Economy, Social Issues etc.

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Hi, please what is cultural convergence base on

satish raj asked

All suject k chapter wise video kaise dekhe sir

Sir, I am Naval Officer (Retd) and will be appearing for the exam of District Defence Services Welfare Officer (Group A). The exam is likely to be scheduled in Apr end. Since it is time critical, it is requested that suitable guidance and approach may pl be provided for this exam so that I can prepare well before appearing.


Sir I am not able to uderstand history portion of CS,how can I improve myself in this subject matter?

Bhanu Pratap Singh replied

Understand first chronology of events and their causes why it happened then make link between polity economy and social conditions together then u will easily get it

Sir i daily got my chemistry lecture how can get pdf of current affairs and mcq send by atul dhimann sir with the lecture plz guide


Good Morning Sir, I met you few days back regarding HCS examination, 2021 and how to prepare for the last 30 days and you also told me to meet you once the exam gets postponed and now the exam is postponed what should I do now and when will you be available to meet. Please guide Sir. Regards, UTKARSH Roll No. - 136664 Mobile - 8901011532

UTKARSH replied

Sorry Sir, but I am not using WhatsApp. Is there any other way other than WhatsApp to connect/interact with you like can I SMS/text message you on the above number.

Parveen bansal replied

please interact on what app 9501114021 , meeting not recommended for next 10 days

Good morning sir, Sir, my account got disable due to some administrative issue and I do not know how to rectify it as I do not know the problem with my account. Kindly, do the needful as soon as possible.

Basavesh asked

What is Francois de almeida


Parveen bansal replied


Hello Dear Sir, I was taking the course PCS GS+CSAT(Prelim course) Course Code: PGSPON1+PCSATON1(2020). Its validity expired recently as the exam has been postponed to next month or so. I Sincerely request you to please extend my validity So, I may be able to do the classes that I missed. I shall be greatly thankful to you Sir. Roll No.- 62871 Email - phone no. - 6239444204

Parveen bansal replied


Good evening sir Sir sociology emerge during industrial revolution in europe... As industries are emerging due to which slum areas were forming. Doesn't sociology play a negative role in this as sociology explains that slums will obviously emerge as people are now settling at far places from their homes. This works like a satisfaction that ok this would toh obviously happen rather we try to find out a solution for this that how could it be removed. My question is that at that time sociology acts as a satisfaction theory and we just accepts it like that rather we try to figure out solutions than just accepting what is happening

Parveen bansal replied

tasks of sociology are twin : "What is ?" and "what ought to be ?"

Sir how should i start my current affairs section

Parveen bansal replied

check abhipedia current affairs section

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