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Varsha Narang asked 6 months ago

Hello ma'am, I was searching on google related to financial aspects of the Sarkaria Commission Report, and the only relevant website was your resource. But I wanted to ask you whether these aspects that you had covered in your material is sufficient? I could only make 2-3 points from the resource you had uploaded i am not able to find any notes or material regarding this topic. It would be really helpful if you could guide me through or provide some more material.

Varsha Narang replied 6 months ago

Thank you for the response. I appreciate your help and prompt reply. Looking forward to your guidance in the future.

Gurjeet Kaur replied 6 months ago

Hello Varsha, Not 2 or 3 points in fact I have covered many financial aspects of Sarkaria commission Report and these are sufficient. But I will try to add some more material on it. So give me some time I will update it. Best wishes for your Exam.

susheel kumar rated 8 months ago


Aryan Panda rated 3 months ago

Worst content.Time waste.This website is not at all exam oriented.Serious aspirants should stay away

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