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Complete Sociology Course - 2019-20 Course Code: Sociology - 2019-20 (CC)

Population and Society

3 Hours 28 Min. By-Aastha Trehan 114 views
Population Dynamics Population Dynamics
Lecture Detail:

Paper-II "Population Dynamics": Population size, Growth, Composition and Distribution; Components of Population Growth-Birth, Mortality and Migration; Population Policy and Family Planning; Emerging Issue: Sex Ratio, Child anf Infant mortality, Reproductive Health and Ageing

Population Dynamis(Growth and Size) (P-2/50)* 00:00:00 to 00:33:37
Population Composition and Distribution 00:33:38 to 01:12:40
Components of Population Growth-Birth, Mortality and Migration(Types and Factor) (P-2/51)*

01:12:41 to 01:46:15

01:49:16 to 02:04:41

Family Planning and Population Policy (P-2/52)* 02:04:42 to 02:42:32
Introduction to Emerging Issues and Important Data 02:42:33 to 03:20:05

Cut from 01:46:16 to 01:49:15

Cut from 03:20:06 to 03:28:00

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