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Life Style

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Life of an IAS aspirant is no less important than the IAS itself. Its the stage where you have to build the attitude , you may look at it like hour long study, I see it in a way preparing for day long service to my country. Its almost Like a chicken inside an Egg, which can easily be spoilt prematurely but, with time and proper care it can crack someday naturally to give a new life to this beautiful world.

During IAS Preparation, the life style of aspiring candidates matters a lot. From the initial stage of their preparation for IAS Exam, the IAS aspirants should focus on such activities which should not hamper his/her enthusiasm to become an IAS and help his/her entry in civil services. With ever increasing competition, cracking the IAS exam has become a mammoth task for aspirants.

In fact, every year the gap between the few fortunate who are selected for IAS and the others who don’t make the cut, is shrinking and not many are able to figure out the reason. One of the key reasons that make IAS exam so tough is apart from being a test of knowledge it is also a test of lifestyle, personality and character traits of the aspirant. While, knowledge can be accumulated from books and resources but lifestyle qualities like self-discipline, motivation, punctuality and others cannot. They are part of one’s lifestyle and is incubated over years. These make a vital different for candidates when it comes to the final selection. If you also want to stand apart from the crowd when it comes to IAS exam, here’s how your lifestyle can help you.


Must qualities for a candidate
  • Honesty
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Grasping power
  • Read Read Read
  • Persistence
  • Physical Health
  • Writing Ability
  • Dedication
  • Communication Skill
  • Self Belief


Required changes in aspirant life
  • Reading Enthusiasm

UPSC syllabus has vast horizontal and vertical coverage. Anyhow you have to read a lot of stuff. So if you love what you do , is the only way to success.

  • Consistent in life

Actually by following all these tips, aspirants will develop this quality by itself. There is no strict rule to be consistent. Type of consistencey, time table etc vary for individuals. so stick to your pattern rather than copying another ones.

  • Sleeping pattern

You should rise early and sleep early to be healthy. You can revise things in morning after meditation or utilize this time for test or other prepa

  • Active Life

You need to be energetic to get most of the day. This can be achieved by eating, excercising and sleeping on time.


  • Eat right


Eat green vegetables, fruits and other things which provide required nutrients to you. So that you can be healhy body, without which you can't achieve your goal.

  • Exercise

A healthy brain needs healthy body so excercise regularly.

  • Yoga And Spirituality

This is also important to have concentration and strong from inside out.

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